An orphan in a facility run by the mean Miss Hannigan, Annie believes that her parents left her there by mistake. When a rich man named Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks decides to let an orphan live at his home to promote his image, Annie is selected. While Annie gets accustomed to living in Warbucks’ mansion, she still longs to meet her parents. So Warbucks announces a search for them and a reward, which brings out many frauds.

2005 Annie Poster


Director: Joan McKenzie-Baird
Vocal Director: Al Heary
Choreographer: Laura Kent
Orchestral Director: Ron Bowks
Technical Director: Brett Baird



Annie – Shauna Bridget Topian
July – Jessica Mantz
Duffy – Stephanie Long
Tessie – Hailey Evans
Pepper – Emily Seeberg
Kate – Alexis Senft
Molly – Aviella Winder
Orphan Ensemble – Amanda Buchheit, Erin Cessna, Morgan Chester, Courtney Chester, Shelbie Colombo, Lisa Cushman, Kaitlynn Divine, Phiona Ercolamento, Gabriella Francis, Kaylea Frezza, Molly Redman, Abbey Reynolds, Rachel Smith, Madelyn Waterbury
Miss Hannigan – Lori Francis
Daddy Warbucks – Joe Obbie
Sandy – Mulligan Topian
Grace – Jillian Miller
Mrs. Greer – Kathleen Miller
Cordell Hull, Ira – George M. Bauerschmidt
Bert Healy – Joseph Mayernik
Boyland Sisters – Kayleigh Akin, Diana Alvaro, Chelsea Cosco
Wacky the Ventriloquist’s Dummy – Paul Schneider
Sound Effect Man, Eddie – Paul Caccamise
Drake – Thomas Briggs
Ickes, Fred – Rich Chester
Bundles, Dog Catcher #1 – Bob Chushman
Rooster – Chris Dattilo
Lily – Allison McCrossen
Cecille – Amanda DeMarco
McCracken, Morganthau, Artie – Wyatt Doremus
Jane – Amy Harrington
Officer Ward – Wesley Lowe
Jimmy Johnson, Marine – Yery O’Dell
FDR – James Pringle
Annette – Julie Schillaci
Mary – Kristy Schroeder
Peggy – Stacie Schroeder
Howe – George Shapow
Mrs. Pugh, Perkins – Lauren Shapow
Sophie – Pamela Whitney
Star-to-be – Liz Zeman
Dog Catcher #2 – Mike “The Kid” Johnston
Announcer – Warren Doremus
Judge Brandeis – David Corretone, Thomas DiSalvo
Featured Dancers – Chelsea Cosco, Jennifer Ehlinger, Amy Harrington, Kathleen Miller, Rachel Mroczek, Julie Schillaci, Kristy Schreoder, Wendy Weeker, Liz Zeman,

Kayleigh Akin, Diana Alvaro, George Bauerschmidt, Thomas Briggs, Paul Caccamise, Rich Chester, Chelsea Cosco, Amanda DeMarco, Wyatt Doremus, Jennifer Ehlinger, Amy Harrington, Wesley Lowe, Joseph Mayernik, Rachel Mroczek, Kathleen Miller, Yery O’Dell, Kathryn Peppers, James Pringle, Julie Schillaci, Kristy Schroeder, Ricky Schroeder, Stacie Schroeder, Laura Senft, Lauren Shapowm George Shapow, Rose Marie Tischer, Wendy Weeker, Pamela Whitney, Liz Zeman

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