Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is transported to modern-day New York City, as two young idealistic lovers find themselves caught between warring street gangs, the “American” Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Their struggle to survive in a world of hate, violence and prejudice is one of the most innovative, heart-wrenching and relevant musical dramas of our time.



Director – John Murphy
Choreographer —  Jillian Miller
Vocal Director – Derek Baird
Orchestral Director – Ron Bowks


The Jets
Riff, The Leader – Brian J. Maxwell
Tony, His Friend – Michael D. Hall
Action – Dan Howell
A-Rab – Tony Lovetro
Baby John – Chris Eklund
Snowboy – Steven Russell
Big Deal – Cody Gardner
Diesel – Jake Purcell
Gee-Tar – Damien Cordero
Tiger – Adam Leahy

Their Girls
Graziella – Amiee Grymin
Velma – Elisha Rock
Clarice – Sadie Mueller
Doris – Jenna Chard
Susie – Crystal Diaz
Shirley – Casey O’Connor
Linda Lee – Victoria Khalil
Anybodys – Katie Murphy

The Sharks
Bernardo, The Leader – J. Simmons
Maria, His Sister – Samantha T. Lasch
Anita, His Girl – Kelly A. Murray
Chino, His Friend – Kapil Dass
Pepe – Joseph Mayernik
Indio – Ryan Masline
Nibbles – Jason H. Ford
Anxious – Arnulfo Torres
Toro – Aaron Grippo

Their Girls
Rosalia – Brittany Cerra
Consuelo – Allyson Dixon
Teresita – Emily Kuschner
Francisca – Lauren MacDonough
Estella – Michelle Leszczynski
Carmen – Monday Hugee
Lupita – Bridget Renfer

The Adults
Doc – Chip Atwood
Shrank – Jim Maxwell
Krupke – Wesley Lowe
Glad Hand – Andrew Hammond
Somewhere Soloist – Liz Miranda

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