When Harold Hill, a traveling con man, arrives in River City, he convinces the locals to start a band by purchasing the uniforms and instruments from him. His intention is to flee as soon as he receives the money. Librarian Marian Paroo suspects Harold is a fraud, but holds her tongue since her moody brother, Winthrop (Ronny Howard), is excited about the band. As Harold begins to develop feelings for Marian, he faces a difficult decision about skipping town.

2016 MusicMan Poster


Director – J. Simmons
Choreographer – Mandi Lynn Griffith-Gurell
Vocal/Orchestral Director – Julie Covach


Harold Hill – Nick Faruch
Marian Paroo – Jessica Kaufman Bromberg
Mrs. Paroo – Lauren Shapow
Winthrop Paroo – Reece Gurell
Mayor Shinn – Chip Attwood
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn – Lois Fiegl
Zanetta Shinn – Sydney Howard
Gracie Shinn – Elizabeth Michalek
Tommy Djilas – Thomas Curran
Amaryllis – Sophia Louise Fusilli
Marcellus Washburn – Justin Borak

Barbershop Quartet:
Jacey Squires – Dean Davis
Ewart Dunlop – Brian Bohrer
Oliver Hix – Joseph Mayernik
Olin Brit – Tony Jagla

Mrs. Squires – Stacie Schroeder
Maud Dunlop – Erica Hernandez
Alma Hix – Amy Mitchell
Ethel Toffelmier – Mandi Lynn Griffith-Gurell
Charlie Cowell – Brian Pomeroy
Constable Locke – Rob Paradise
Train Conductor – John Myers

Ensemble (Including Pick-A-Little Ladies and Salesmen)
Chelsey Barker, Cathy Blakey, Charlie Bohrer, Danielle Colombo, Karin Fusilli, CJ Garbin, Audrone R Gečas, Becca Hammack, Calina Hernandez, Natalia Hernandez, Liz Howard, Juliana Mantz, Ben Miller, Chelsea Muller, Haylee Miller, Joey Mitchell, Adair Priddle, Liam Wicks

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